Best 10 PR Tools ( 2023 )

To execute successful public relations campaigns in 2023, having the right software tools is now mandatory. This definitive guide explores the top 10 PR tools available based on core capabilities, unique benefits, pricing, pros and cons, and ideal use cases.

By leveraging the right solutions tailored to your specific needs, any PR pro can improve workflow efficiency, monitoring, media outreach, and strategic planning. Let’s dive in to determine which platforms can boost your PR performance this year.

Why Digital PR Tools Are Essential in 2023

Evolving media habits and tech require modern tools to achieve PR success. Here are some of the key reasons today’s PR pros need software platforms:

  • Effective press release distribution to relevant media contacts at scale
  • Monitoring news, web, social, and broadcasts for branding opportunities
  • Measuring campaign impact and demonstrating concrete ROI to management
  • Streamlining collaboration and workflows for improved team productivity
  • Building and nurturing media relationships over time through CRM
  • Optimizing pitches and outreach for higher response rates
  • Identifying trends and real-time crises before they escalate through monitoring
  • Creating engaging visual content quickly for modern multimedia formats
  • Conducting competitive analysis to benchmark performance

The right tools provide the insights and automation needed to work smarter. Let’s explore the top options…

The 10 Best PR Software Tools for 2023

1. Muck Rack – All-In-One Media Platform

Muck Rack combines a robust media database, monitoring, collaboration tools, and analytics/reporting into an all-in-one solution for executing modern PR programs.

It enables you to research relevant journalists, monitor brand mentions, create effective pitches, collaborate as a team, track campaign results, and prove your PR ROI.

Some of the key features include:

  • Media database with 1 million journalist profiles
  • News monitoring from 50k publications
  • Coverage reports to quantify campaign impact
  • Pitch collaboration and approval workflows
  • CRM to manage media relationships
Muck Rack, PR Tools



  • Comprehensive toolset in one platform
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Helps identify media opportunities and trends
  • CRM capabilities to nurture media relationships
  • Provides metrics to showcase PR success


  • Can feel overwhelming for smaller teams
  • Monitoring features are less robust than specialized tools
  • Lacks some specialized capabilities larger brands may want

For PR teams wanting an all-in-one solution to streamline and better integrate key workflows, Muck Rack provides immense value. It combines a diverse toolset into a system anyone can quickly learn and leverage.

2. Cision – PR Analytics and Reporting

Whereas Muck Rack delivers an end-to-end PR platform, Cision specializes in analytics and reporting for demonstrating campaign ROI. It excels at quantifying the concrete impact of your PR efforts.

Key features include:

  • Custom reporting dashboards
  • Coverage tracking across print, online, broadcast, and social
  • Historical benchmarking and sharing of voice analysis
  • Campaign impact analysis by topic, keyword, and location
  • Engagement measurement for quality vs. quantity of pickups
  • Automated report creation and scheduling
PR tools


  • Basic. $99. Cloud/news release.
  • Standard. $205. Cloud/news release.
  • Advanced. $305. Cloud/news release.
  • Premium. $405. Cloud/news release.


  • Provides quantitative PR results and ROI tracking
  • Helps compare performance to historical benchmarks
  • Automated reporting to stakeholders
  • Analysis of campaign impact and engagement


  • Very expensive, overkill for many brands
  • Does not include a media database or outreach
  • Mostly focused on retrospective reporting vs. planning

For brands who need to clearly prove the ROI of PR spending to executives, Cision provides incredibly powerful analytics that most competitors lack. The ability to quantify campaign impact delivers immense value.

3. Mention – Real-Time Brand Monitoring

Unlike more expansive PR software platforms, Mention focuses specifically on real-time brand monitoring to protect reputation. It sends alerts when keywords, brands, or campaigns are mentioned online and enables crisis response.

Key features include:

  • Real-time alerts for brand mentions
  • Monitoring across news, blogs, forums, reviews
  • Customizable alerts by keywords, sentiment, location, and more
  • Competitive monitoring and industry tracking
  • Historical data and analytics reporting
PR tools


  • A free plan offering limited functionality
  • Pro plan for $83/month
  • Business plan for $149/month
  • Agency/Enterprise plans customized


  • Affordable real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Customizable alerts match specific needs
  • Helps identify threats, issues, and opportunities
  • Easy-to-use interface and set-up


  • Lacks media database, outreach, and workflow features
  • Limited historical data on the free plan
  • Focus is narrow compared to full PR stacks

For budget-conscious brands wanting real-time monitoring capabilities alone, Mention delivers on this specific need better than any other tool. Alerts provide invaluable reputation protection.

Meltwater is a popular media monitoring and public relations software platform used by companies and organizations to track news coverage and brand mentions online and in traditional media.

Key features include:

  • Robust real-time monitoring and alerts
  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • Access to a comprehensive news database
  • Tools for releasing and distributing content
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access



  • Industry-leading monitoring capabilities
  • Detailed analytics and benchmarking
  • Useful PR tools integrated


  • Very expensive, especially for small teams
  • Steep learning curve
  • No video clipping offered

For large brands managing PR at scale, Meltwater provides leading monitoring and analytics. However, smaller teams may find the high costs and complexity overkill.

5. Mailchimp – CRM and Press Releases

Although Mailchimp is better known for email marketing, its PR capabilities including media contact management and sending press releases are robust.

Key features include:

  • CRM and media contact database options
  • Create and send press releases and media pitches
  • Sign-up forms and landing pages to build media lists
  • Automation for sending new content when published
  • Basic campaign tracking and analytics
PR tools


  • Free plan for under 500 contacts
  • Essentials plan for $13/month billed annually
  • Standard plan for $20/month billed annually


  • Affordable entry pricing, free tier available
  • Established platform with email reliability
  • Excellent CRM and media list building
  • Simplified press release creation and sending


  • Very limited analytics and media monitoring
  • Lacks robust PR-specific features
  • Complex workflows beyond basic PR needs

For startups and SMBs seeking basic contacting and press release functionality, Mailchimp provides powerful capabilities considering its affordable cost.

6. Buzzstream – PR and Influencer Outreach

Whereas other PR platforms cover a wide range of capabilities, BuzzStream focuses specifically on media and influencer outreach tools to maximize campaign response rates.

Key features include:

  • Influencer database of 1M+ contacts
  • Campaign management, tracking, and reporting
  • Pitch collaboration and approvals workflow
  • Automated follow-ups and reminders
  • Email templates and custom pitching
  • CRM to build media relationships over time
PR tools


  • Solo plan for $24/month billed annually with Link monitoring (1,000 links)
  • Team plan for $124/month billed annually with Link monitoring (25,000 links)
  • Business plan for $299/month billed annually with Link monitoring (100,000 links)


  • Specialized for effective personalized outreach
  • CRM helps nurture long-term media relationships
  • Quantifiable metrics on outreach performance
  • Collaboration features for large teams


  • No press release creation or distribution
  • Lacks broader monitoring capabilities
  • Pricey for non-outreach features

For PR teams focused on maximizing the results of pitching and outreach campaigns, BuzzStream provides an unrivaled solution purpose-built for response rate optimization.

7. TVEyes – Broadcast Monitoring

Whereas most PR software focuses on online news and social media, TVEyes allows brands to monitor keywords across traditional broadcast television and radio.

It provides unique opportunities to identify relevant trending segments, guest booking potentials, and brand mentions.

Key features include:

  • Monitoring of TV and radio by keyword
  • Archive search going back years
  • Clip creation and sharing
  • Monitoring across 80+ countries
  • Real-time alerts and customizable tracking
PR tools


  • On-request demo and custom quote


  • Unrivaled broadcast monitoring capabilities
  • Previous clips help inform PR strategy
  • Catch brand mentions on major news networks
  • Monitor global geographical regions


  • Very expensive overkill for many brands
  • Niche capabilities beyond general PR software
  • Complicated interface with learning curve

For brands wanting to extend monitoring beyond digital to include TV and radio, TVEyes provides unmatched access. However niche applications and high cost limit mainstream use.

8. HARO – Expert Source Identification

While monitoring helps identify media opportunities, HARO (Help a Reporter Out) takes the opposite approach by connecting journalists with expert sources relevant to upcoming articles.

Key features include:

  • Receive reporter article requests based on your expertise
  • Reply with pitches to be included as a source
  • Build relationships and get quoted in high-profile outlets
PR tools


  • Free membership to receive requests
  • Premium plans start at $149/month for contacting Access


  • A platform of 65k journalists leveraged for free exposure
  • Saves researching relevant reporters for topics
  • Sources included in articles gain valuable backlinks


  • Very limited capabilities beyond matching experts
  • Need a premium plan to actively pitch yourself
  • No control over if/where you will be included

While niche, HARO provides clever PR exposure opportunities by flipping typical outreach on its head. It delivers access to reporters relevant to your expertise.

9. PR Newswire – Press Release Distribution

The traditional press release distribution stalwart, PR Newswire pushes announcements to its extensive proprietary media network and database nurtured over decades.

Key features include:

  • Distribution to 25k media contacts across 100+ countries
  • Multimedia press release creation and optimization
  • Tailoring release packages by industry and location
  • Campaign tracking, reporting, and analytics


  • Packages start around $400 per release
  • Volume discounts for multiple releases


  • Robust established media network for guaranteed views
  • Recognized long-standing industry leader
  • Caters packages based on outreach goals


  • Very expensive compared to modern competitors
  • Limited beyond distribution, no broader toolset
  • Dated interface and user experience

For brands simply needing reliable high-volume press release distribution, PR Newswire has a proven track record. But expect limited capabilities beyond blasting announcements.

10. Signal AI – AI-Powered Monitoring and Insights

Signal AI provides sophisticated social listening, news monitoring, and predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

Key features include:

  • Real-time monitoring of millions of sources
  • Trend analysis and predictive insights
  • Relevant journalist identification for outreach
  • Influencer and partnership mapping
  • Crisis identification and sentiment tracking


  • Custom pricing based on needs
  • Around $2500/month base price


  • Cutting-edge AI provides strategic insights competitors lack
  • Helps identify threats, issues, and opportunities early
  • Map PR opportunities by topic, journalist, influencers, and location


  • Very expensive overkill for many brands
  • AI-powered features require training to leverage fully
  • Limited publishing and workflow features

For enterprise brands with large budgets, Signal AI provides unmatched insights into threats, trends, and PR opportunities that AI enables. But the high-cost limits accessibility for most.

How to Select the Right PR Outreach Tools

With these top platform overviews in mind, some key selection criteria include:

  • Monitoring Features – The scope of monitoring includes social, news, broadcasts, etc. Look for real-time alerts.
  • Media Database – Robust, sortable journalist and influencer contact database for outreach.
  • Workflow Features – Campaign management, pitching and approvals, contact management, and collaboration tools.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Quantifiable metrics to measure impact and demonstrate concrete ROI.
  • Distribution Capabilities– Targeted sharing of press releases and announcements to drive views.
  • Budget – Platform pricing tiers and scalability. Consider free tiers to start.
  • Use Case Fit – Match high-value specialized tools to specific PR needs and objectives.

Building a stack with 2-3 complementary platforms tailored to your needs delivers maximum impact without overspending.

Take Your PR Professional Programs to the Next Level

Selecting 2-3 platforms tailored to your specific PR use cases, audience and budget provides maximum value. Blend versatile tools like Muck Rack with specialized solutions for outreach, monitoring, or reporting.

Modern PR tools deliver the insights, efficiency, and strategic advantage needed to maximize campaign performance. Investing in the right tech stack elevates PR impact and value for your brand.

Transform Your Public Relations Activities in 2023 with the Right Tools

Evolving media habits require PR pros to modernize their tech stacks with platforms that deliver insights, efficiency, and tangible results. This guide provides a detailed overview of the top 10 options available today to match diverse needs.

By selecting the solutions that best align with your audience, use case, budget, and goals, you can execute high-performance PR programs that drive real business value. Supercharge your PR this year with the platforms that empower your unique strategy and objectives.

Key Takeaways on Media Relations PR Tools for 2023

Public relations is rapidly evolving. To execute successful PR campaigns in 2023, modern tools are now essential to manage workflows, monitoring, outreach, and reporting.

This guide provided an in-depth look at the top platforms available based on features, pricing, and ideal use cases. Below are some key takeaways:

  • Investing in software tools optimizes PR productivity, insights, and impact. Options like Muck Rack and BuzzStream provide automation.
  • Look for tools with robust media databases to identify relevant media contacts and influencers for outreach.
  • Monitoring tools like Mention and TVEyes help track brand mentions across news, social, and broadcasts to inform strategy.
  • Analytics capabilities from solutions like Cision quantify the concrete ROI of PR efforts.
  • Affordable entry-level tools like Meltwater and allow small teams to start optimizing PR workflows.
  • All-in-one platforms like MuckRack streamline end-to-end PR activities from targeting to reporting.
  • The right PR tools aligned to campaign goals provide today’s PR professionals a strategic advantage.

Conclusion: Modernize Your PR Stack with Data-Driven Software in 2023

The public relations landscape continues to rapidly evolve with new technologies, digital platforms, and changing media and consumer habits. Executing successful PR campaigns in this environment requires modern software tools purpose-built for today’s needs.

As discussed throughout this guide, investing in the right PR tools provides immense strategic value to brands and agencies including:

  • Automating repetitive workflows for improved productivity
  • Identifying media opportunities and relevant contacts for outreach
  • Monitoring news, social media, and broadcasts to inform real-time strategy
  • Building and managing relationships with journalists and influencers over time
  • Enabling teams to collaborate efficiently on campaigns
  • Creating visually compelling content designed for modern formats
  • Distributing press releases and announcements to targeted media lists
  • Tracking quantitative metrics that demonstrate concrete PR ROI

By aligning your tech stack with specific campaign objectives and use cases, any PR practitioner can gain data-driven insights and a competitive advantage.

While free tools provide a starting point, paid platforms unlock the sophisticated capabilities needed to maximize performance. Options like Muck Rack, Cision, and BuzzStream deliver excellent value through all-in-one or specialized tools.

The bottom line in today’s digitally disruptive PR landscape is that software is now mandatory to execute high-impact programs. With the right technology investments based on your audience and goals, any brand or agency can transform PR productivity, insight, and business value.

This guide provided an in-depth look at the top platforms available to affordably upgrade your tech capabilities. Which modern PR tools have you used successfully? Please share your experiences leveraging data-driven software to enhance PR efforts in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best PR Tools

What is a PR tool?

A PR tool is software that helps public relations professionals execute campaigns, manage media relationships, and measure impact. These tools streamline workflows, provide insights, and automate tasks.

What are some of the best PR tools for 2023?

Top PR tools for 2023 include Muck Rack, Cision, Mention, BuzzStream, Mailchimp, Meltwater, HARO, TVEyes, PR Newswire, and Signal AI. Look for tools that match your specific needs.

How can PR software improve my campaigns?

PR tools help create and distribute press releases, identify media opportunities, monitor coverage, quantify impact, manage pitching, streamline workflows, and more. This optimizes efforts.

What PR tool features should I look for?

Seek tools with media databases, monitoring, measurable analytics, workflow automation, relationship management, reporting, and distribution capabilities. Prioritize must-haves.

How can analytics help demonstrate PR value?

Robust analytics tools track campaign metrics to quantify impact and ROI. This could include share of voice, reach, engagement, sentiment, lead generation, and sales attributed to PR.

Should I use free PR tools or paid options?

Free tools provide a solid starting point, but paid tools unlock more robust features and insights needed to maximize PR performance. Consider the ROI of upgrading.

What are affordable entry-level PR tools for small teams?

Tools like Muck Rack, Mention, Mailchimp, and Meltwater offer paid plans under $100/month. Muck Rack and Mailchimp also have free tiers to get started.

Why are media databases important?

Robust sortable media contact databases help identify and connect with relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers aligned to campaign goals.

How can press releases drive media coverage?

An engaging press release distributed to targeted media provides an anchor for broader coverage. Follow up with pitches referencing the release.

What PR tools help manage media relationships?

All-in-one tools like MuckRack combine CRM, workflows, and automation to nurture media relationships over time. BuzzStream focuses specifically on outreach.

How do monitoring tools help with PR planning?

Monitoring brand mentions, competitors, keywords, and news alerts PR pros to opportunities, issues, and trends to help inform strategy and planning.

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